Corporate Partnerships

At Every Horse in the World, we believe that companies are important driving forces for change and can help improve our society.

Join our family and together we can continue to improve the lives of animals.

You can download our dossier here for more information.

Reasons to work with us

More and more people are becoming aware of animal welfare issues.

Our society is better when we care for and respect animals.

By supporting us, your company will encourage people to be:

More empathetic and compassionate: caring for the needs of others and not only for ourselves.

More responsible: taking care of animals, becoming aware of how to help them, and, above all, setting an example of how to behave in an ethical and respectful way towards others.

Less violent: cruelty to animals is linked to aggressive behaviour in other personal and social settings.

Happier: contact with animals contributes to better emotional health thanks to the bonds we create with them.

Benefits of working with us

Being a company that is a driving force for social change.

Improved image in the eyes of your potential audience and customers.

Enhanced Corporate Social Responsibility.

Displaying a logo showing your company supports animal welfare on your website.

If your company becomes an Every Horse in the World sponsor, it will benefit from:

Our appearances in the press

Social media publications



Marketing at the shelter


Become a sponsor

If animal welfare is a priority for your company, this is the best way to collaborate. You will become an important member of our family. This is a long-lasting collaboration, and your company’s image will be associated with an animal welfare project that is RECOGNISED and respected in the sector. We will be delighted to promote the companies that are most involved in our work.

Make a donation

Financial donations, whether one-off or regular, are essential for ensuring the health and well-being of animals in need, both at our shelter and elsewhere. You decide the amount you would like to donate to help these animals who have suffered so much. By doing so, you link your image to a charity project.

Salary deductions

Each employee can decide to voluntarily donate €1 from their pay. This is automatically deducted and allocated to our animal shelter. There is no cost to the company. By offering this option to your team, your company will convey a positive image. Your employees will feel proud and happy to be part of a company with ethical and social values, and that is committed to animals. In addition, the company can match the contribution by donating €1 for each employee who has decided to participate.

Donate a % of a product

Link a specific product from your company to animal welfare, reach a specific audience and allocate a % to Every Horse in the World in order to improve the lives of many animals. Your company can collaborate in more than one way (they are complementary), thus enhancing the socially conscious side of your brand and maximising the impact of your company’s support. Companies and bodies who work with us must comply with our code of ethics, based on principles and values of respect for animals.

Contact us now so that your company can be part of the change needed to create a better society.

You can download our dossier here for more information.

At Every Horse in the World, we sincerely hope that your company grows and prospers. Thank you