Leave a Legacy

You can be an angel for animals that have had their voice taken away

We have all thought about the legacy we will leave when we are no longer here. Some people have decided to be an angel for those who most need one. Become one of these people and leave a legacy to CYD Santa María (now known as Every Horse in the World) so that we can save the lives of many more animals.


Once you have decided to write a will and make our non-profit association a beneficiary of it, you will need to follow the steps specified by your legal advisor according to the method chosen. The will should be drawn up before a notary and include our details.

Official details:
Asociación CYD Santa María, Centro de Recuperación y Reubicación de Animales
CIF: G-92.703.669 (Tax ID number)

Addresses for correspondence:Asociación CYD Santa María, Apartado de Correos 303, 29.100 Coín, Málaga (Spain).
E-mail: info@todosloscaballosdelmundo.com

If an executor or administrator has been appointed in the will, they are obliged to notify all beneficiaries. However, we would appreciate it if you could inform us that you have included us in your will and send us a copy. That way, we can contact you to express our gratitude for your generous gesture and get to know you. Even if you prefer to remain anonymous, this information will ensure that your last wishes are carried out.

Send us your details and we will get in touch to help you with the procedure:

    I have read and accept the legal notice and privacy policy.

    I agree with the terms and conditions set out in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

    These people improved the lives of others

    Every day, we give thanks to two angels: D. and Negrita. Two people we did not have the honour of meeting in person, but who will be with us to the end of our days. They left a legacy at two crucial moments, helping our animal rescue centre to survive.

    Thanks to Negrita and her wonderful family, we were able to rise like a phoenix from the ashes after parts of our shelter were ruined by heavy rains.

    One night, the water destroyed walls and floors, and even flooded several stables. As we had been spending the night with our horses, we were able to move them to other parts of the rescue centre.

    Thanks to Negrita, we rebuilt a large part of the shelter. We added a layer of cement in the stables, we filled in cracks and we replaced much of the wiring, which had been damaged by all kinds of bad weather over the years.

    Without this legacy donation, we would not have been able to recover.

    D. helped us along with another wonderful person, N., her executor and friend. N. told us all about this woman who has become part of our team despite not being here physically. Together with some friends, N. came here to learn about our work on the last day of our beloved Rama, one of the most affectionate dogs we have ever known.

    We were not able to show them the animal shelter, but they came to our home and met part of our family. Our mother, my sister and I were heartbroken at Ramita’s side, giving her all our attention and affection so she could depart in peace and love.

    We do not usually write about these kinds of things. However, N. and her friends shared this very intimate moment with us. We believe this enabled them to see how D.’s wish to care for and protect animals would always be fulfilled at Every Horse in the World.

    Every Horse in the World commitment

    The Association and Shelter commits to protecting your privacy, respecting your wishes, and continuing to fight for animals as we have been doing until now.

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