Our New Image

Along with everyone else, we will remember 2020 as one of the most difficult years we have experienced. Nevertheless, there is a bright side to everything, and as Einstein said: “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”.

In these new times, we need to learn to be happier, to appreciate the little things more, and to welcome new friends. Therefore, after over 20 years of hard work, we will no longer be known as CYD Santa María Association and Sanctuary, the name which has brought us to this point. From now on, we will be called Every Horse in the World. This new name reflects who we are and what we do: we give a voice to Every Horse in the World, as well as all other animals who need us. We leave no one behind.

Our work is not all sunshine and rainbows. Unfortunately, it includes a lot of suffering and goodbyes. Therefore, our new image symbolises both the good and the bad.

The colour black reminds us of the dark and sad times. The colour yellow reminds us of the big smiles and kind souls that always appear, sooner or later.

Please join our cause which is full of hope for the future. The cheerful little horse on our logo is delighted to welcome you.

We would like to thank Nacho Gabrielli

He made this change of image possible by offering his creativity, vision and help completely free of charge. Thank you Nacho for our beautiful new logo and for taking time away from one of your passions: Cervezas Bonvivant