Donate Goods

The best way to help our animals is by buying products that they need on a daily basis, or by paying part or all of a vet bill. In both cases, you will be helping directly and your contribution will be used immediately to feed or treat an animal in need.

If you want to bring a donation in person, REMEMBER you need to make an appointment in advance. Please send an e-mail to Escribe un e-mail

Please always check with us before you Donate Goods, depending on the animals we have been rescuing at the time, we will need certain items more urgently than others.


The animals at our shelter tend to be weak and/or ill. Therefore, we cannot accept unknown products that do not correspond to their diets or where we are unsure about the condition they are in. Nevertheless, we use all the products mentioned above on a daily basis and they are vital for keeping our animal rescue centre going.

Thank you.

Every Horse in the World Association and Shelter

Telephone: 610 397 027 / 658 900 600


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