Your support is essential so that we can continue our work


  • Asociación CYD Santa María
  • Cajamar: IBAN ES59 3058 0714 5727 2009 8428
  • For international transfers:
  • Branch address:
  • Av. de Andalucía, 26, 29580 Estación de Cártama, Málaga.


If you have Paypal, you can donate directly on their secure platform. Click on the Paypal button to go to the donation page for CYD Santa María, now known as Every Horse in the World. Many thanks to the people who help us. Without your support, it would be impossible to keep all our animals on their feet.


  • BIZUM number: 660 092 092
  • As Cajamar bank does not have Bizum set up for non-profit associations yet, the name Concordia Márquez will appear when giving a donation. She is the president of Every Horse in the World.

Just as we ask you not to look away if you see an abandoned animal wandering around, we also ask you to keep in mind that no help is too “small” or “insignificant”. YOU are important:

With €10: You will feed hay to a horse for almost four days.

With €30: You will buy 65 cans of Gourmet Gold cat pâté. This wet food is one of the few our senior cats with mouth problems can easily eat.

With €50: You will pay for a farrier to relieve the pain of a mistreated horse that is struggling to stay on its feet.

With €100: You will provide an ill, old or injured horse with a dry and soft bed to lie on for one month.

With €200: You will buy 20 sacks of feed for the different types of birds that live at our shelter.

With €500: You will help a horse suffering from colic, paying for the vet who could possibly save its life.

With €700: You will ensure all our animals have water for six months.

With €1,000: You will help cover the feed and veterinary care costs of a horse during its first months at the shelter. With lots of love, the horse will recover both physically and mentally during that time.

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