Help Provide Food

Hay, straw, alfalfa

If you would like to donate hay, straw or alfalfa you can get in touch with any nearby store, your supplier or ours:
Surcampo (José María): 952 490 309 / 655 915 968

Horse Feed

If you would like to donate horse feed, please contact Altube. They have helped us to keep going for almost a decade. Altube is the most generous company we have ever known. If you have your own animals, ask them about their product range. They are exceptional:
Telephone: 947 16 62 46

Small Animals

If you would like to donate food to our small animals, you can contact Teleperro. They will give you a 5% discount on purchases for Every Horse in the World animals:
Teleperro (Rocío): 952 863 330 / 656 905 525

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Thank you to Altube who have stopped marketing so that they can continue providing high-quality animal feed at an affordable price. We are so grateful for their support over the years, donating a large amount of animal feed to us every month. They are the best sponsor we could have ever imagined.